12 Scary-Gorgeous Home Pieces for Halloween and Forevermore


Halloween is tomorrow and there are plenty of ways to ring in the ghoulish evening out. If you prefer to spend the night in, either hosting a haunted fete or just spending the night wrapped, like a mummy, in a blanket, we’ve got you covered.

Halloween isn’t just about what happens in the dark, so arrangements of eerie, beautiful light sources are crucial for creating spooky surroundings. The eternal Black Flame candle in Hocus Pocus can’t be purchased, but you can approximate it with the help of a candle holder by Maison Margiela and a cluster of tall black pillar candles.

Cook dinner (black and orange caviar, squid ink pasta, mummy-wrapped dates, and a foggy, bubbling cauldron of Witch’s brew, perhaps?) in Le Creuset’s pumpkin-shaped ceramic-ware and present the results on an enamel tray printed with creepy, crawly snakes.

The most important fixtures on a Halloween table-scape are the odd miscellany. Pick up a pair of amethyst geode bookends and a petrified wood sculpture that’s encased in glass—and floats like a ghost.

Our picks will charm and haunt you and your guests, and look beautiful in your home forevermore.