Eating Around The World… In L.A.

The city is home to as many different types of food as it is people. Here’s where to taste it all

Mexican Food


The ultimate guide to L.A.’s best Mexican food

Chinese Food


It’s not that we don’t love a crispy egg roll. But this city is home to the nation’s largest, most authentic array of Chinese food. Herewith are our favorite dim sum dishes, a guide to our Chinese-foodiest street, and our picks for L.A.’s top restaurants 

Armenian Food


Creamy hummus, juicy hunks of grilled chicken, righteously tender spit-fired beef in a chewy pita—the joys of this patch of Middle Eastern cuisine can’t be overstated. And, lucky you, L.A. is one of the best cities to experience it

Asian Food 


We know L.A. has great sushi, but what about rock cod dumplings? Or vegetarian pork belly? Or kalguksu noodles? Or live octopus tentacles? Here are all the other Asian foods we love and where to get them, from condiments to candy to tofu to veggies—plus 11 of the scariest meats we could find 



PLUS: 101 Cheap Eats

An extravagant compendium to frugal dining, organized by cuisine

As we see it, cheap is not a dollar amount, it is a genre—a style that encompasses anything that’s best when served on grease-stained butcher paper, eaten with fingers on curbsides, or paired with a pickle. Hot dogs, soup dumplings, fish tacos, tuna melts, pho—these are the foods that sustain us day to day, humble dishes that deserve celebration. Nothing featured here will set you back more than $15 (including tax), but we kept our persnickety standards intact. To arrive at the final selections, we visited close to 300 noodle bars, taco trucks, and burger shacks, from Torrance to Altadena. Each spot that made the list offers can’t-miss and (perhaps the ultimate L.A. endorsement) worth-driving-across-the-city kind of grub. Snag a napkin, heck, a whole stack, and dig in.


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Lettering by Steve Wilson