Cheap Eats: Pizza

Once known for lacking primo pizza, L.A. is now overrun with it. Here are the upper crusts



Vito’s Pizza 

Los Angeles
The pie: Plain cheese
The price: Whole pie, $16.50 (feeds 3 to 4)
The style: So New York—floppy and supersize
The angle: Arguably L.A.’s first worthy pizza that remains one of its most beloved 


Pitfire Pizza

Multiple locations
The pie: Greens, Egg & Ham
The price: Whole pie, $10.25 (feeds 1 to 2)
The style: Bubble-crust California
The angle: Pizzas with gourmet aspirations baked in ceramic ovens and served in spaces that win awards for family-friendly high design 


Two Boots

Echo Park, downtown
The pie: The Bayou Beast with shrimp and andouille
The price: Small pie, $10.95 (feeds 1 to 2)
The style: New York by way of New Orleans
The angle: Wild combos with pop culture names from an East Coast chain 


800 Degrees

The pie: Margherita with prosciutto and arugula
The price: Whole pie, $10.45 (feeds 1 to 2)
The style: Neapolitan
The angle: Morphs from dough ball to custom masterpiece before your eyes in just over a minute 



The pie: Pepperoni
The price: $3.25 per slice; whole pie, $20 (feeds 3 to 4)
The style: Thin crust à la Bleecker Street
The angle: Punk rock, family-run enterprise that sells by the slice—an L.A. rarity 


Hollywood Pies

Los Angeles
The pie: Spinach The price: Small pie, $14 (feeds 1 to 2)
The style: Two-inch-thick Chicago inspired
The angle: Pan-baked pies tall enough to make Midwesterners homesick 


Stella Rossa Pizza Bar

Santa Monica
The pie: Goat cheese and applewood smoked bacon
The price: Whole pie, $14.95 (feeds 1 to 2)
The style: A crusty hybrid of California and Naples
The angle: Market-driven pizzas made from a custom-milled flour blend 

 Photographs by Lisa Romerein


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