This Just In: Le Mervetty to Serve Beautiful Cakes This Friday

A new pastry shop is coming to Beverly Hills

This weekend is shaping up to be even sweeter than cupid had planned. On Friday, Le Mervetty, a new shop specializing in cloud-like meringue cakes, opens its doors in Beverly Hills. The delicate shop is reminiscent of a jewelry box, sparse save for the egg-shaped cakes on display in flavors like praline, coffee, and speculoos. Each creamy cake is coated in real dark chocolate shavings, crunchy praline, or sweet cookie crumbles. There is nothing artificial here, just cakes in flavors befitting a chocolate shop.

Le Mervettys, as the shop calls their cloud cakes, come in individual bundles (similar in size to cupcakes), miniature versions, or large cakes ideal for celebrations. Pavlova—the more traditional meringue, cream, and fruit dessert—is also on offer.

According to its Facebook page, Le Mervetty opens on Valentine’s Day, though reps for the company say they may be facing permitting delays. Le Mervetty, 319 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, 310-804-9409 or