The Food-Related L.A. Snapchatters You Need to Follow

Instagram is so 2012

Even though Snapchat is the chosen form of communication and social media for teens, the rest of us are still trying to figure it out. Yeah, turns out it’s NOT just for sexting. Fortunately I had a 15-year-old mentor me on the ways of the Snap, and now I’m addicted.

It can be more “behind the scenes,” more intimate than Instagram, which is just your photogenic moments. And it’s not as judgy as Facebook with all those likes. Best part is, once you figure out everyone’s usernames, it allows you to sneak a peek at what your friends and even celebrities are up to. If you’re not on Snapchat yet, here are some of the best L.A. food-related accounts to get started.

Bill Esparza, Street Gourmet LA (streetgourmetla): Los Angeles Magazine Digest street-food expert Bill Esparza is a man of the world, as his Snapchat account shows. There’s Bill sneaking out for some late-night street tacos in Tijuana, there he is enjoying Micheladas in Mexico City, and there he is heckling Rick Bayless’ seminar.

Krista Simmons, on-camera host and travel writer (krista_simmons): Krista has written for LA Times and LAist and even served as a judge on Top Chef Masters. Her Snapchat account will give you serious FOMO as she snaps her travels around a world of sunny skies, tropical blue oceans, and exotic food all the while narrating her adventures in eating. If you’re lucky you’ll also spy the occasional celebrity chef and her adorable Shiba Inu, Bento.

Nastassia Johnson, Let Me Eat Cake (ms.letmeeatcake): If you’re already a fan of Nastassia’s drool-inducing Instagram account you’ll love her Snapchat. It’s of even MORE desserts—in glass cases, in her hand, on her kitchen table—all impeccably lit of course. But she’s also attending adorable glittery parties, traveling to famous dessert shops in other cities, and keeping it real, like showing how she only painted her index finger and thumb nails for her Instagram shots.

Jo Stougaard, My Last Bite (mylastbite): Jo is a social media queen. Not only dominating on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram but totally owning Snapchat where she shares everything from cleaning out her doll collection to cooking at home to hugging on celebrity chef friends at premiere L.A. food events.

Marcel Vigneron, chef (marcelvigneron): Marcel doesn’t Snap all that frequently but when he does you get to see moments of his travels, nights hanging out with friends, and currently how his new vegetarian restaurant, Beefsteak, on Melrose Avenue is coming along.

Elana Lepowski, Stir and Strain cocktail blogger (stirandstrain): Elana not only has an acclaimed cocktail blog but she also covers all things drink for online publication, Serious Eats. On her SnapChat you can catch Elana visiting her favorite bars like Tonga Hut as well as get a behind-the-scenes of her cocktail photo shoots or events.

Jamie Arnau, 213 Nightlife/Proprietors LLC social media maven (jarnau): This account is a peek into the life of a young, vivacious Angeleno. Jamie will snap a behind-the-scenes look at the new Arts District Brewing brewery, a Justin Bieber concert, R&D with bartender Eric Alperin, and a dance party at Honeycut. There is a lot of dancing.

And, shameless plug, my Snapchat is carolineoncrack if you want to see snaps of my dog as well as what I drink at home.