Sunny Spot


Photograph by John Lee

Kogi food truck pioneer Roy Choi welcomes his third brick-and-mortar operation: a vaguely Caribbean restaurant called Sunny Spot. Sunny it is, compared with the moodier Beechwood, which formerly occupied the space. Mismatched floral fabrics cover the bar stools; vintage swag lamps light up the dining room. The cuisines of the tropics give Choi plenty to work with. Pickled slices of dragon fruit make for a light start. The Cuban torta—a stack of pork terrine, prosciutto, provo-lone, and jalapeños—is a taste extravaganza. Still, the kitchen can fumble with basics like fried plantains. Rum is the star of the bar—embrace it. » 822 Washington Blvd., 310-448-8884.