Q&A: Baker Ran Zimon of Bread Lounge


Illustration by Andy Friedman

Is L.A. a bread city?
It’s a huge city, and no, there aren’t many good bakeries. That’s why I saw opportunity. Coming from Israel, which is influenced by Europe, I was shocked by the whole food culture here. I want to educate people that bread is something you buy daily at a bakery, not something you buy at Costco that lasts for two weeks. I feel like I can make a difference. Now I have customers who come in every day to get a loaf. I see people riding bicycles down the street with a baguette. Things are changing.

What makes your bread different?
We use a wild yeast starter, which is a living organism. It’s like a little pet—you have to feed it, take care of it, and understand what it needs to perform. And you have to care about what you do. Because what is bread, really? Flour and water. The rest is love. » 700 S. Santa Fe Ave., downtown, 213-327-0782.