Jonathan Gold Picks L.A.’s 101 Best Restaurants

Providence, Urasawa, Spago, Mozza, Kogi, and Lucques take top spots

For the first time in his career, Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold has listed the city’s top 101 restaurants in order, with his favorites at the top. Gold used to compile a list of the 99 essential restaurants at his former post with the LA Weekly, but those picks were always listed in alphabetical order.

L.A. Times subscribers can view the entire list and even keep track of the places they haven’t yet been, want to try again, or have already tasted. There’s even an interactive map.

How about a teaser? Here are Jonathan Gold’s Top 20 Restaurants in Los Angeles:

1. Providence

2. Urasawa

3. Spago

4. Mozza

5. Kogi

6. Lucques

7. Animal

8. Cut

9. Jitlada

10. Shunji

11. Rivera

12. Spice Table

13. Ink

14. Baco Mercat

15. Tasting Kitchen

16. Sea Harbour

17. Night + Market

18. Bestia

19. Hinoki and the Bird

20. Melisse