Jam Session: Talking With Kevin West, Author of Saving the Season

It’s summer! Find something to can!

We asked L.A.’s Kevin West, canning ace and author of Saving the Season, due out this month: why has preserving made such a comeback?

We sit all day at computers, we tap on screens—our interaction with the world is in a virtual space. Preserving is supertangible; it’s tactile. There’s so much pleasure every step of the way. And when you’re done working with your hands, you have this jar full of stuff that you can eat or give to somebody. What intimidates some people? Everyone is afraid of botulism. That’s akin to being afraid of shark attacks or airplane crashes. Stuff like that does happen, but it has a very low incidence, and we understand exactly how to prevent it. What are some of the best foods to preserve right now? June gives us the Blenheim apricot, whose brief season is perfect for extending with canning. Boysenberries make one of the best jams.