Happy Birthday! The Birthday Cake Craze Continues

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf introduces a new birthday cake beverage, plus three other foods that should get the vanilla and sprinkles treatment.

Say the word funfetti to a group of adults and you’ll be surrounded by smiles. And that’s not just because the word is fun to say: it represents a specific type of birthday cake that many people grew up with, one usually made from a boxed mix that said Betty Crocker on the front. The classic combination is a pale white cake with multi-colored specks throughout, covered in white vanilla frosting, and adorned with more multi-colored sprinkles.

These days, funfetti—or what a lot of people are just calling ‘birthday cake’—is turning up in odd places, and is spreading like spilled cake batter across the internet. There is funfetti nail art and funfetti fashion, and, naturally, all kinds of funfetti food adapations, including something called a funfetti caketini.

This year, for the their 50th birthday, California’s own The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is celebrating with fans. Since last week, they’ve been serving a new version of their popular chilled, blended drink: a Birthday Cake Ice Blended. The creamy vanilla beverage is topped with swirls of whipped cream and a healthy dash of colorful sprinkles.

This got us thinking: what other foods could be birthday cake-fied?

1. Birthday cake cinnamon rolls: They would pair well with your Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf birthday cake ice blended beverage. The interior could be swirled with sprinkles as well as cinnamon sugar (because, really, a little extra sugar never hurt anyone), and then the icing on top could get a dusting of sprinkles too.

2. Birthday cake ice cream: Vanilla cake chunks coated in white chocolate and then swirled into vanilla ice cream with colorful sprinkles would be perfect for a summer birthday party.

3. French macarons: It’s hard to believe that a pastry shop in town isn’t yet making vanilla macarons with sprinkles on top, but when they do, we’ll be the first in line.