Guide to Grilling: Seven Surprising Ingredients to Fuel The Fire


“You take the dough, roll it out, and cook it on the grill. You can add sauces and make little flatbreads, too—it’s so easy!” –David Lefevre

“Just rub a little olive oil on a half lemon and toss it on the grill. The heat breaks down the cells so you get a high juice yield and a nice charred flavor.” –Chad Colby

Fava Beans
“You can grill them whole. When the entire pod is placed on the grill, the beans steam inside. Then you can just salt them and eat them like edamame.” –Kuniko Yagi

“Stone fruits in summer are wonderful. Get some that are a few days away from being ripe, then grill and slice them for a salad or a dessert.” Anthony Zappola

“Any lettuce or hardy green is great grilled. Cut them in big wedges, salt them, and hit them with a bit of lemon. You can eat them like corn on the cob.” –Roy Choi

“Blanch them whole in salted boiling water until they’re just tender, and throw them on the grill in their skins.” –Anthony Zappola

Chicken Skin
“They do this at yakitori shops all the time: put chicken skin on a skewer, season with salt and pepper, and grill.” –David Lefevre

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