Drinking in Los Angeles vs. Drinking in New York City

A handy comparison chart from Mandatory.com

Drinking in L.A. vs. Drinking in NYC chart

The subtle thumping in my head on this perfectly cromulent Monday morning tells me that I had a great weekend. Even still, I have to admit that I often wish it wasn’t such a massive ordeal to go out for drinks in L.A. Trust that I wouldn’t trade my hometown for any other, but I think we can all agree: the folks over at Mandatory.com are on to something with this chart.

Heck, I’m still waiting for that cab we called Friday night. Wait… what do you mean you didn’t call? You were supposed to ca… noooooo, I clearly said that I couldn’t call them because my phone was dead. You told me you were… n… just… nevermind.

Drinking in L.A. vs. Drinking in NYC [Image courtesy Mandatory.com]