Check Out The Oinkster’s Line-Up for Burger Week 2014

We’ve got details on all seven of The Oinkster’s epic burgers

Mark your burger calendars. The Oinkster’s Burger Week is returning on June 2. 

For seven days in a row, beginning on Monday, June 2 through Sunday, June 8, Oinkster will be offering a new special burger each day. If you can eat them all, you will be crowned a BurgerLord (and get a free T-shirt).

For some people, that challenge is motivitation. For the rest of us, simply sampling massive burgers designed by chef Andre Guerrero and his team is reason enough to head to The Oinkster Eagle Rock (the newly opened Oinkster Hollywood isn’t quite ready for Burger Week this year).

Last year’s Burger Week brought about “an unparalleled frenzy” that launched “record breaking sales,” according to staff. So, burger diehards, plan accordingly.

Here’s what mind-blowing burger creations lie ahead, with notes from the Oinkster team:

Monday, June 2nd: The Cheesesteak Burger of Philadelphia
“Like many of our past Burger Week creations, this baby was calling out to be rescued from the uncaring clutches of a multinational crap shack. We couldn’t sit idly by and watch a national treasure disgraced on such a large stage, so we decided to take action and put some love back in to this treat from the City of Brotherly Love.”

Tuesday, June 3rd: HotBurg on a Stick
“Shine some light on that mall food court fast food, a delicacy known the country over to pimply teens on awkward group dates, moms and dads taking breaks from shopping for their brats, and the indecisive among us who like to eat while wondering if we really need that new pair of shoes. Shine it strong on the King of Corn Dogs, bedecked in stripes of gold and blue and red, crowned with a bucket hat. Oh, and that limeade. Lets try something crazy. Let’s put something on a stick!”

Wednesday, June 4th: Turducken
“Every holiday season some jokester brings up the idea of serving Turducken at a family function, only to be roundly ridiculed as he or she realizes the difficulty in preparing such a dish and slumps back to the kitchen to prepare Great Grandma’s sweet potato casserole. Well Burger Week is our holiday season, and this year that jokester will get the last laugh…”

Thursday, June 5th: The Pantera Burger
“Every year we invite our Burger Bros from Grill ‘Em All to contribute a Heavy Metal creation to our Burger Week Lineup. This year they dusted off the Pantera Burger, an exclusive only seen in New York City during their last tour.”

Friday, June 6th: The Big Max
“Looking through our Instagram feed at previous Burger Week mania, we got a bit nostalgic and felt down right proud of all the BurgerLords who have attended over the years, so we decided to throw a Flashback Friday challenge out to all our followers. We asked the people to help us choose the burger. And the people have spoken.”

Saturday, June 7th: The Smoinkster
“Do you smell that? It’s the Smoinkster, son. Nothing else on the world smells like that. I love the smell of the Smoinkster in the morning. You know, one week we had lines around the building for 12 hours a day. When it was all over, I walked around. We didn’t find one of ’em, not one stinkin’ unsatisfied customer. The smell, you know that smoky smell, the whole place smelled…. excellent.”

Sunday, June 8th: Lucy Goosey
“There is a certain amount of mystery surrounding the Juicy Lucy. Minneapolis claims to be the original home of this burger but can’t decide if she spells her name Juicy or Jucy? Other burger shacks across the nation make so many varying forms of the Lucy that she might be going through an identity crisis. We’ve invited her to be a guest star on the final day of Burger Week 2014 to set the record straight, or to add something else to her ever-growing myth.” Oinkster, 2005 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock, 323-255-6465