Best of LA: How We Picked The Best Cold-Pressed Juice


L.A.’s latest health obsession involves forgoing solid food in favor of fancy fruit- and veggie-based liquids. We ordered the entry-level cleanse from four local companies and drank only those juices for one day each (gotta eat sometime!). Here’s how we decided on our favorite.

Beverly Hills Juice, Beverly Hills
Kreation Juice, Santa Monica
Moon Juice, Venice
Pressed Juicery, West Hollywood 

Kreation lost our order—twice. Sorry, you’re out. (The juices were also ho-hum.) The Beverly Hills Juice shop was packed with an inordinate number of identical waif-y girls—which seemed promising—but in the end the most nutritious flavors were clunky (read: gross). 

Pressed Juicery
Appetizing blends focus on greens and roots, with some tummy-filling extras like almond milk with dates, vanilla, and sea salt. A three-day cleanse costs $210. 

Moon Juice
The Rainbow Cleanse comes in innovative flavors like Turmeric Gold, Spiced Yam, and Moon Milk, which is almond based. A three-day cleanse costs $210. 

Moon Juice
The wild flavors had us looking forward to juice well into dinner, and we felt clearheaded and lighter all over (especially in the wallet). » 507 Rose Ave., Venice.