Wheeling and Dealing: Six Ways to Have the Best Road Trip Ever

How to explore in style, plus three tools for the mobile traveler

Keep on Rolling: Three ways to travel in style


theessentials_masa_tStar Chambers: Since 1932, Airstream travel trailers have embodied the singular allure of mobile safaris. Based in San Gabriel, Airstream 2 Go is one of just two places nearby that rent the icon. In case the whole towing thing doesn’t appeal, Socal Airstream can drop one off for you at your landing point.

theessentials_masa_t Freight Brains: A good rack for your car is essential if you want to take a bike, kayak, or board with you on the road. But even a cargo carrier can be a trip-changer, freeing up room in your car. Santa Monica’s Rack Solid has the widest selection around, plus a crew to install your purchase.

theessentials_masa_tChain Market: One of the most enlightening ways to get to know a place is on a bike seat (just ask David Byrne). Not sold on lugging your ride with you? Depending on where you are, rentabike.com can hook you up with bike shops that loan wheels.



Roadside Assistance: Tools for the mobile traveler


theessentials_masa_tDelorme Maps: Part of travel is exploring unexpected byways, and a paper atlas from Delorme enables you to see what leads to where in a manner that GPS maps don’t. And they double as road diaries. delorme.com.

theessentials_masa_tGoal Zero Solar Kit: The Guide 10 Plus takes about three hours to juice up a pack of rechargeable batteries (double and triple As). Use either the pack or the solar panel to charge your phone or GoPro. goalzero.com.

theessentials_masa_tLED Baton Road Flare Kit: These little light towers feature a variety of flash patterns that help with visibility when you’re sidelined. And unlike the combustible kind, the trio of batons can be recharged in their carrying case in the car. frontgate.com.