Top 5 Olympic Memes


The torch has been extinguished but the 2012 Olympics live on in cyberspace through popular memes dedicated to some of the most memorable images of the Games. The Queen of England’s icy demeanor during the Opening Ceremony was the first one, but other memes shine a light on some of the Games’ most recognizable Olympians. From crass humor to cats, here’s a list of this summer’s most famous Olympic memes.

1. While we watched Michael Phelps become the most decorated Olympian and enjoyed the Danny Boyle and Kim Gavin-directed spectacles, some were less impressed. (We’re talking to you, McKayla Maroney). The image of her scowling face went viral sparking McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed, a Tumblr dedicated to illustrating how even the most incredible feats don’t faze her. Unicorns? Meh. Walking on the moon? What’s the big deal?

2. The  most notable face of indifference belongs to the Queen. Perhaps hanging with James Bond and jumping out of a helicopter made the Games seem mundane in comparison. Or maybe that really is her happy face.

3. Good looks and abs to match make Ryan Lochte the obvious choice to follow in Ryan Gosling’s footsteps with his own “Hey, girl” meme. The photos should entice swarms of smitten women, but the breaststrokes and one-piece humor make it even better.

4. We all know the internet was created for broadcasting cat videos. Web designer Nicholas Longtin took catmania to another level with his Cat Olympics because who doesn’t want to see felines fencing, lifting weights, and dunking basketballs?

5. What’s a good meme list without the so-wrong-it’s-almost-right Olympics on Toilets. Whoever thought of putting pictures of divers at their most un-photogenic moment atop a toilet was an innovator. With this one, the image says it all.