New in Nightlife: Ex(it) Wounds

Breaking up is hilarious to do

The Place
Between Mortified, the Moth, and dozens of less famous storytelling series, it’s boom times for the shame-mining industry. Sure, plenty of people are excavating their most humiliating moments for laughs, but Ex(it) Wounds adds a nifty twist by taking real, anonymously donated breakup letters—along with e-mails, text messages, and IMs—and acting them out word for word. Sometimes they’re read as straight monologues; other times, expressed through song, puppetry, or interpretive dance. At $5, the show, which is held Thursdays at the rambunctious comedy club iO West, is the best deal in Hollywood.

The People
A painting of improv godfather Del Close watches over half a dozen performers and special guests (say, Jason Ritter or a noted comedian) as they vamp their way through other people’s tragicomedies. All that beer helps patrons—mostly in their twenties and thirties—drink and flirt during the show.

The Payoff
Dumping someone via text ought to be a felony, but love’s epic fail can be your gain.

6366 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 323-962-7560