My LA to Z: Tippi Hedren

The actress who made her debut in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds now runs the Shambala Animal Preserve in Acton. On January 17th she hosts a special screening of the classic thriller at Grauman’s Chinese Theater

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The Hollywood Roosevelt

What a wonderful, historic, cinematic hotel. This is where Marilyn Monroe used to stay when she was studying film. They say that her ghost is walking the halls. The first Academy Awards were held in the Blossom Room and that’s where I had my party when I got my star on the Walk of Fame.  

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Madame Tussaud’s

I was there when the Hitchcock model was put in. I was standing right next to it and I almost freaked out. You could see every hair on his head and every blood vessel. It was really frightening. They are extraordinarily perfect.

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Shambala Animal Preserve

Our foundation does tours one weekend a month. We have 47 animals including lions, tigers, servals, and leopards on 72 acres and our guides know all the issues around the big cats. We have a wonderful lake and we all meet there for a picnic lunch and I come down and talk to everyone. We have a fabulous trading post and the whole thing is magically beautiful.

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Larchmont Village

My daughter Melanie and her husband Antonio live in Hancock Park and I just love going to the Larchmont shopping area. There are wonderful restaurants and the shops have a little flair and it’s all just so charming.

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Red Line Tours

I love going behind the scenes in the old magnificent theaters like the Egyptian on Hollywood Boulevard. The tour is fabulous and their new tickets feature Chaplin and Hitchcock. I worked with both.

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Louis Vuitton

They have the most beautiful luggage that’s expensive beyond ridiculous but once you buy those pieces you have them for the rest of your life. I am very fortunate to have a number of them including an old one I found with metal plates inside. I wrote to the company and they sent me a note saying it was originally purchased in 1930 by a Mr. Parker. I was thrilled.

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Wertz Bros.

It is my treat to myself to go there. It’s a warehouse with the most unique pieces. I just painted my bedroom drop dead gorgeous red and I found a whole collection of Chinese furniture with inlaid mother of pearl and the pieces are just exquisite. They had a brass tea table that I didn’t buy and when I called back the next day it was sold. I’m just sick about it.

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BCBG Max Azria

It’s all fashionable stuff I like and it isn’t Rodeo Drive prices. It’s wonderful if you want to look classy and don’t have tons of money.  

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Magic Castle

I just absolutely adore the castle. We’ve had fundraising events for our Roar Foundation and this magician Steve Valentine did an incredible show. He’s brilliant and sleight of hand is fun and can really amaze you.

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M Studios

I was a relief worker for Food For The Hungry in the 1970s and we travelled all over the world to devastated areas. When Vietnam fell we leased a battleship and would bring people onboard. We taught them to be seamstresses and typists and one of them loved my fingernails, so I brought my manicurist up and she taught people. Today my manicurist is a man and he has a nice shop with beautiful chairs.

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La Via Bella

Out where I live there’s this shop with the most unique gift items you could possibly find, things that are handmade and have a story to go along with them. Right next door is the Valencia Wine Company so you could also send along a bottle of champagne. It’s absolutely fabulous.

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