My LA To Z: Pentatonix

The soulful a cappella group (and winner of NBC’s “The Sing Off”) drops their new album, PTX Volume 2, November 5th. Here they make a sound argument for their favorite local spots, including a unique toy gallery, a hip BBQ joint, and where they doo-doo-doo that whole singing thing

Kirstie: Pampered Hands

I love this nail salon! Everyone that works there is so nice, and they always do an amazing job. They do nail art there, and if I ever go in with a design in mind they do it perfectly—anything you want, they can do. The coolest design I got was when I let them do their own thing. I had two colors in mind, black and a light pink, and they put rhinestones through it and painted each color in different angles. They even give you free boba tea, and one of the ladies offers free massages while you get your nails done.

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Kirstie: Pressed Juicery

The first time I ever went was for a juice cleanse, and it was delicious. Now I go back because all the juices are so yummy, and I feel healthy drinking them. I always get watermelon mint, but I just got an email saying it was about to go out of season so I have to go back before it’s gone! Their almond milk is also to die for—it has vanilla in it, and it’s made in-house. I don’t even know how to describe it.

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Kevin: L.A. Live

The place is so…well, alive. It signifies a lot of what L.A. means to me. I’m usually there to watch movies and concerts, but it’s even more fun if you’re attending a high profile event. Last year we performed at the Red Carpet Show for the American Music Awards, and it was a moment I’ll never forget. It’s a very amazing place.

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Kevin: Road to Seoul

I’m in love with Asian culture, and more importantly, I love Korean BBQ. Road To Seoul is a fun atmosphere, and I’m all about their all-you-can-eat option. The bulgogi there is insane, and the chicken is great. Plus, it’s very loud and lively—I lived in China for a year and a half, and that’s a hallmark of normal Chinese restaurants: People are laughing and screaming and having a good time, and it’s very reminiscent of that.

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Scott: Joyrich

It’s a little clothing store on Melrose with really loud, fun, and unique clothing. I found about it through Mitch—it’s near where we record, so I’d go there pretty much every day after we were in the studio. I almost always go when I’m looking for something to wear for a show or shoot. They have really crazy graphics and interesting clothing you wouldn’t see anyone else wearing.

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Scott: Millions of Milkshakes

I’m obsessed. I get the Miley Cyrus shake every time I go. It’s cookie dough and Reese’s peanut butter cups with vanilla ice cream. Basically, It’s a lot of chocolate and peanut butter, which are my two favorite things in life. I hope Pentatonix can have their own shake there one day. We’d each choose a different flavor, but it would definitely be chocolate based, and probably very bad for you.

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Avi: Kaya Sushi

Kaya my favorite sushi place in the entire universe. I’m kind of a sushi snob, so whenever I have visitors in town who love sushi, I take them to Kaya. It’s very unassuming and simple from the outside, but the mood and decor is modern and elegant. It’s all such fresh fish, too, so there’s no fishy taste. I’d recommend starting with the Summer Roll, which is wrapped in rice sheet paper and has tempura crumbs, spicy tuna, and lettuce in it. And end with the Aloha Roll—it almost tastes like dessert! It’s tempura shrimp, grilled pinapple, avocado, almonds, and coconut flakes in a soy paper. You really can’t go wrong with anything.

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Avi: Tart

I feel like Scott told me about Tart, and then I went randomly and it has become a favorite. It’s got a southern vibe with some L.A. hipness. The food and atmosphere is great, and the waiters have awesome facial hair and wear suspenders. They had these really great sliders last time I was there, and their sweet potato fries and mac and cheese are so good. Plus you can grab a flavored toothpick on the way out.

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Mitch: Amoeba Records

I’m a record collector and a huge music nerd, and Amoeba has a giant selection of new and used music. I love electronic music, so I’m mostly in that section. There’s this Swedish band called The Knife that I’m obsessed with, and I found this really rare 12-inch of one of their singles. I was like, Uh oh, I think I have to buy this no matter how expensive this is!

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Mitch: Toy Art Gallery

When I was living in Texas there was this store called Kid Robot. They designed vinyl toys that were so interesting and colorful, and so I started to collect them. Then when I moved here, I stumbled upon Toy Art Gallery. They sell vinyl toys, action figures, and comic books, and sometimes they have art shows where they showcase new sculptures and designer toys. Their stuff is always so strange and interesting. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t spent a good amount of money there—I have a weak spot for cute stuff!

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