My LA to Z: Angelyne

The Billboard queen takes us on a ride in her pink Corvette
1 Baby Jane of Hollywood

Baby Jane’s is really cool. They have memorabilia back to the silent era—pictures and costumes and things in between. Fans come up to me appreciative and adoring and ask to get their T-shirts autographed.

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2 The Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel stands out. It’s very classy and it has good luck. I like to sign contracts there and I eat in the restaurant.

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West Hollywood

I have the key to the city of West Hollywood and I’ve been their honorary mayor for a while. I think the most claustrophobic I have ever felt was at the gay pride parade when I drove my car through. There were wall-to-wall people.

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Rodeo Drive

I like to park my car on Rodeo Drive. There are a lot of tourists, but if I park my car at the Chinese Theater, I’ll be swarmed. I don’t like to do that except for TV.

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5 La Piedra State Beach

I like La Piedra beach in Malibu. You can hike down to the beach and it’s really gorgeous. There’s a lot of wild sage growing there and you’re not supposed to pick it, but I broke off some sticks once. The sheriff was kind of flirting with me and I said I was just trying to clean it up.

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6 Community Chevrolet

At Community Chevrolet in Burbank they take really good care of me. I drive a lot and sometimes the wheels are bent or there’s a lot of debris and I get a rental car. I like driving SUVs where I’m up so high people can’t recognize me, but they do anyway.

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7 Pea Soup Andersen’s

I like to gravitate north to Pea Soup Andersen’s. It’s gorgeous and there’s a tunnel built in 1949 that’s related to the tunnel in Malibu Canyon—they’re siblings. I’m an energy meister. I look for energy and they have really good energy and really good pea soup. They make it fresh. You’d think they dump it out of cans, but not there.

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8 Chanel

I like bubble baths and Chanel in Beverly Hills has bath gels and bath milks. It’s such a girlie store.

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9 Michael Levine

I have most of my clothes made. I design everything and usually it has some pink in it. I get fabric at Michael Levine downtown. They have notions and ribbons and Swarovski crystals. Lots of designers get stuff there.

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10 North Hollywood Park

I call North Hollywood Park “Squirrel Park.” They’ll come right up to you and you can put nuts right in their mouth. There’s a mean squirrel. He scratched me so bad that he slit my finger and there was so much blood. I looked it up online and there was nothing to worry about. That same squirrel tried to steal a nut from another squirrel’s mouth. But I love squirrels, they’re good luck.

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11 Stefano’s

The pizza place to die for is Stefano’s on Hollywood Boulevard. It’s been there for like 40 years and it’s just gooey and cheesy and yummy and dripping with delicious ooze. It’s just a little take-out spot but it’s the best pizza in the world. I’ve been getting it there since I had my rock band in the ‘80s.

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12 Movie Theaters

I love the Egyptian theater, but the Vista is another theater that’s dark and kitschy and kind of Egyptian and very cool. The Egyptian on Hollywood is a way more glorified version of that but it’s neat. When I was four I thought I was a queen in another life and I was obsessed with ancient Egypt. I always wear eyeliner Egyptian style.

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13 Sunset Plaza

If you’re driving down Sunset there’s a portal at Sunset Plaza Drive. When you’re driving west I say ‘Yeah, UFO gods’ and I get this amazing cosmic energy. I get an encounter message from them and when you drive the other side it’s negative energy.



14 Hollywood Boulevard

I have so many sunglasses and people give me more all the time. I have one special wraparound pair I wore on my first billboard and they’re not replaceable. I had just got my car painted pink and I was stopped on Yucca Street near Cahuenga. There was a car ahead of me at the stop sign and a guy got out and said, ‘Here, these are for you. They match you and your car.’ I don’t know where he got them and I’ve never been able to find anything exactly like them. I look up and down Hollywood Boulevard for ones that are reasonably priced.

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