Movies, Music, and More at HM157


Reid Maxwell and Charon Nogues have transformed a ramshackle Victorian in working-class Lincoln Heights into a slice of San Francisco. Since the Horace P. Dibble House opened to the public in 2008, HM157 (short for Historical Monument No. 157) has dished up a magpie calendar of groovy—and inexpensive—events. On one night the home-built stage might host a family-friendly square dance or an intimate set by the Entrance Band’s Guy Blakeslee; on another it’s the backdrop for an Indonesian pop-up dinner or a vintage silent film screened with a live score. 

Who you’ll see there: Postmodern bohemians, New Age punks, music nerds, and arty kids converge in a convivial atmosphere. Ogle the idiosyncratic thrift store decor or flop down on a backyard couch and warm yourself at the fire pit. More than just a performance space, HM157 is L.A.’s most interesting house party.

The payoff: Recompense for every obnoxious, overpriced club you’ve ever been to.

3110 N. Broadway, Lincoln Heights

Photograph by Elina Shatkin