Los Globos Owner Sues City

Nightclub impresario Steve Edelson says city officials have it in for him

Nightclub owner Steve Edelson, who we profiled in our December 2012 issue, has filed a $10 million claim against the city of Los Angeles, reports LA Weekly.

In 2011, Edelson bought the Silver Lake club Los Globos, a long-established venue for Latin music or, in the words of our own Dave Gardetta, “a black-and-red-brick building on Sunset Boulevard that could pass for the hottest Tijuana strip club in Silver Lake.”

Who is Edelson? A larger-than-life businessman who “has 21 commercial and residential properties in L.A., though he is vague on their exact breakdown. He may own a club, or the building it’s in, or have a 40-year lease on that building. Sometimes a property falls from his hands without anyone’s noticing.” In Los Angeles, he is or has been involved with Martini Lounge, Dragonfly, the Joint, El Cid, Vertigo, Glam Slam, Lush, Hell’s Gate, El Centro, Sunset Social Club, and the Los Feliz restaurant Home. He also owns four hotels, a couple dozen houses, one motorcycle bar, and a visitor’s center in Ojai.

He’s combative, grandiose, reckless, wickedly smart and known for his contentious legal fights. This one should be no different.

Since late 2011 when he took over Los Globos, Edelson has hoped to broaden the club’s horizons, booking more diverse events and trying to host shows on the first floor. At every turn, he has faced permitting problems. In October, the LAPD took away Los Globos’ live music permits, though the club is once again holding shows.

Another major issue is Los Globos’ license, which allows it to keep its doors open all night on weekends–although the club can’t serve alcohol between 2 and 6 a.m. Neighbors have complained about increased noise and parking problems.

To Edelson it’s clear where the real problem lies: the city of Los Angeles. “They’re just against the whole thing,” he tells the Weekly. Edelson plans to fight them to the bitter end, and he’s willing to spend $50 million to do it.

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