How to Break a B—- and Other Lessons in Female Friendship

Alice Johnson Boher talks BFFs in her latest show

Tina Fey might have the market cornered on teenage bitchery, but Alice Johnson Boher’s new one-woman show proves she has every other age range covered. Pairing charm and intelligence with highflown diction served up in a white trash twang, Boher charts the rise and fall of three BFFs—and her abysmal taste in friends.

Bitch Trouble premiered at Casita del Campo’s Cavern Club Theater in Silver Lake on Wednesday night before an enthusiastic and well lubricated audience. The show will be switching venues for the remainder of its run (currently one Wednesday per month through July, at a location yet to be determined).

Boher manages to make her stories at once completely specific (really, really specific) and eminently relatable. It’s perfect for a margarita-fueled ladies’ night, but men will appreciate her style of humor: distinctly adult without being vulgar. Boher juggles her grab bag of oddball characters so adroitly you can almost forget she’s alone on stage.

Boher won’t send you away empty-handed. Here are seven lessons you’ll learn about female friendship:

  • The varied uses of an empty Christmas popcorn tin
  • The occult potential of a cardboard pizza box lid
  • The proper comeback when someone insults your welcome mat
  • The inverse relationship between one’s “Adult” and “Lost” quotients
  • The rules of engagement following a BF-nabbing
  • The multi-layered meaning of the word “horn”
  • The sedative, brain-mushing effects of being a “looks” girl

For future information on dates and venue, check here.