Hidden: Three Unforgettable Abodes


theessentials_masa_tSkinny House
Completed in 1932 on a dare that the new owner of the 500-square-foot lot couldn’t build a livable place (a family of six resided here in the ’50s), the Long Beach home is nearly ten feet wide—narrower than a Mini Cooper. » 708 Gladys Ave.

theessentials_masa_tO’Neill House
Art dealer Don O’Neill and his wife, Sandy, had architect Antoni Gaudí in mind when they envisioned the cascading mosaic-inlaid roofline, curvilinear trim, and round-top windows of their 1980s home in Beverly Hills. » 507 N. Rodeo Dr.

theessentials_masa_tShell House
Wallace Neff experimented in the 1940s with bubble houses: small dome-shaped domiciles built without nails or lumber. America’s sole survivor can be glimpsed in Pasadena, emerging from the earth like a rising moon. » 1097 S. Los Robles Ave.

 Illustrations by Paul Rogers