Hidden: Four Odd Gems in the Rough


First Jewish Cemetery
From 1855 to 1902, more than 360 people were buried at this site. By 1911 they’d been moved to a graveyard along Whittier Boulevard in East L.A. Take Lilac Terrace and you’ll find a monument and plaque behind the U.S. Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center.

L.A. Police Academy Rock Garden
Past the academy entrance, follow the tunnel on the left side of the café and up the stairs to discover a verdant stash of waterfalls, winding paths, and scenic vistas.

Birds of Elysian Park
An artist hid eight avian sculptures in the trees. We can vouch for two of them: To spot the pteranodon, follow the Elysian Park Trail Loop; that’s it on the hillside above the second ravine that overlooks Stadium Way. There’s an Argentavis magnificens to the right off Elysian Park Drive just before Academy Road.

Chavez Ravine Arboretum
It’s easy to see the arboretum sign in the parking lot across from the Grace E. Simons Lodge; it’s harder to find the actual arboretum. Placards identify the oldest trees.