Halloween: How to Become The Walking Dead

Oscar-winning special makeup effects artist Rick Baker (Men in Black, Hellboy) has joined forces with MAC Cosmetics. He offers beyond-the-costume tips

“I’ve always wanted to do a makeup collection because Halloween is my holiday. I’ve been making myself and my friends up since we were kids. Painting on a face is like painting on a canvas. You have to understand the principles of highlights and shadows. Beauty makeup is about soft colors and smooth transitions, but we add the red spots and the broken blood vessels to make it look uneven and real. To create a zombie look, I use oil-based paint sticks for the black shadows and a black eyebrow pencil to add lines and highlights. On top of that I use MAC Monster FX, a sheer, water-based tint we created for my line. My signature zombie requires a crazy number of layers, and it takes me hours to create.”

Watch Mr. Baker test out a zombie look on himself: