Halloween Haul: The Sweet Science of Trick or Treating

In a rigorously controlled double-blind study, a team of pint-size analysts count the contents of a night’s worth of trick-or-treat bags


“I like chocolate anything. My least favorite is dark chocolate. My mom likes Dots. I don’t care if she takes them.”
Calder, age 4 

“My favorites are Milky Way, Three Musketeers, and Nerds because I like chocolate. I eat Milk Duds last. Last year my teacher and her daughter came to our house when they were trick-or-treating. That was embarrassing.”
Miles, age 8

“My parents always try to steal my Tootsie Rolls.”
Owen, age 11

“Sour cherry candies are way too sour. I like adults who are nice, and I like getting goody bags.”
Theo, age 4

“I love Laffy Taffy, but I have braces and can’t eat those, so Three Musketeers are my favorite. My least favorite are Mounds. I just don’t do coconut.”
Tali, age 10

Image by Carly Hebert