A V-Day Catch-Up With TikTok’s ‘Love Is Love’ Couple Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo

The two social media stars discuss Valentine’s Day plans, their new Calabasas home and what they would do if TikTok disappeared tomorrow

Nicky Champa, 26, and Pierre Boo, 31, who now have a combined total of over 23 million followers on TikTok, set a goal to get a house together while they were shacked up in their place on Hollywood and Vine in 2021. The couple, quickly approaching their five-year anniversary, struck TikTok gold last year with their fun and free-spirited videos and just bought their first house together in Calabasas.

From the inside of their new home, they still continue to push and promote their overall message: love is love. We caught up with Nicky and Pierre on what exactly they have been up to.

Los Angeles contributor Julius Miller: So, your brand is all about “love is love.” Could you tell me more about this?

Nicky Champa: We kind of fell into the idea that love is love and that’s become our brand. But I think what we were going for in the beginning and what we are still really passionate about is that love doesn’t need labels. When we were figuring ourselves out—and also as a couple—what we realized is that we don’t really call each other a gay couple. We just wanted to be a couple, and I think that’s where it all really stemmed from; we don’t think there should be any labels to love.

Pierre Boo: So, it’s a relationship with Nicholas. It’s not a gay relationship, it’s just a relationship with Nicholas. Something I love is the idea of fluidity and it’s all about the relationship that you have with the person in front of you, with who you have something special and you create something special. Love is love because love can be anything.

JM: You two recently purchased a multi-million-dollar home in Calabasas and it was said that it was something almost inconceivable a year ago. How does it feel to have made such a purchase together? 

NC: It’s still really hard to understand but I think now it’s become really normal and we have kind of accepted it and all of those sorts of things. When we were buying a house together I never really thought of it as something like “Oh my god, we are buying a house together!” It just seems like what we were meant to do; it just felt on the path to what we were chasing together in our relationship and also just life. But, it was still overwhelming for sure.

From left to right, Pierre and Nicky lean outside a window at their new home. (Photo by Perry)

PB: I remember it being a huge goal of ours for a long time and when we would get up in the morning sometimes and we didn’t want to get up—we didn’t know what to do with our day. Two weeks [after buying the house] after we were absolutely depressed.

NC: I totally understand, there was one night—the fourth or fifth night—we were laying in the bed and it was like the biggest full moon ever. And we were like “what parallel universe did we find ourselves in?” It was very surreal.

JM: What do you plan on doing for this year’s Valentine’s Day?

PB: That’s funny, we were talking about it this morning. Well, we really wanted to go to Hawaii and we still want to go, and we wanted to spend Valentine’s Day there, and then because we got this new house now we are in between two options. We love traveling but we have been neglecting the house a little bit; it’s been eight months since we moved in and it’s not completely set up.

NC: Yeah, it’s grown-up problems.

PB: For Valentine’s Day, it’s either a really nice dinner here in L.A., or travel somewhere.

JM: What would you do on your perfect Valentine’s date?

NC: We love a good dinner; we are foodies—we like to eat. Honestly, last Valentine’s Day was the perfect Valentine’s Day. We went to Mexico and it was kind of during COVID so there was nobody there. I think just spending time together in a beautiful environment and having a beautiful meal is perfect for me.

PB: Yeah, there’s always the choice of do we do home or a restaurant? Restaurants are very nice but we don’t always consider that on Valentine’s Day they’re usually always packed. It’s always you just eat and then get out because they want to turn the tables around. There’s something a bit less romantic about that with restaurants, but I definitely like the idea of in another country, in an Airbnb, in a beautiful place—and I love a lot of candles.

NC: Oh yeah, we love candles.

JM: What is your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?

PB: For me it’s chocolate; I love it.

NC: I’m like twisted, I hate chocolate. I always enjoy champagne and strawberries.

JM: Time for some rapid fire questions. If TikTok disappeared tomorrow, what platform would you migrate to?

PB: YouTube or Snapchat.

NC: Yeah doing the whole story thing, like their version of TikTok; the spotlights are really fun. So, Snapchat or YouTube.

PB: Yeah and statistics say a lot of kids are on Snapchat, so it has a future.

JM: TikTok trend you weren’t sad to see go?

NC: Dancing.

PB: Oh really, you didn’t like the dances? We used to do dances! I admit I had to torture you a little bit for them. But for me, the hate videos, the judgment videos.

NC: But they’re still here!

PB: Yeah, but I wish they would go away. Just the way people like to positions themselves into something where they think they can criticize others. I don’t like that.

JM: TikTok trend you wish would come back?

PB: Well, I like the dances! To me, it’s fun, it’s mindless, it’s communicating good energy, and I like that; I think it’s positive. Transformations are cool too.

NC: I liked when we did more pranks on TikTok. We should do more, that was fun.

PB: Pranks are fun too. We love the fun stuff cause, to us, the goal of this app is definitely to get you out of some sort of reality that you are in.

JM: Most overused trend?

NC: Right now, I think people are overusing filters—there are too many filters. I feel like the app is becoming all filters; my “For You” page is literally a filter every time and I’m like “what happened here?” I feel like everybody’s kind of burning out.

JM: I have definitely been seeing that.

PB: Yeah, they kind of did all the pranks they could, so now they’re like “okay, let’s do filters.”

JM: Who is a TikToker you love?

PB: Alina Bock. She does very funny characters and I think the skits she does are hilarious. She does some with her sister sometimes and talks about her generation; it’s very funny.

NC: GirlBossTown. She’s super entertaining; she takes celebrities and basically says what she would do as PR moves for them and sometimes they’re really interesting and fun. She’s got like 360,000 followers but she’s really been growing. Sometimes I want her to do one for us just to see what she would say. So maybe if you read this, GirlBossTown, you will do one for us!

JM: Who is your “it” couple?

NC: I really like Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

PB: Me too.

JM: What’s the one TikTok you made that changed everything for you two?

PB: It was our fish hook video! So, we were blanking—as usual—figuring out what video we were going to do that day. So, we did a video that was a trend already, but we did our version of it and I don’t know why, but it really went viral.

NC: It’s really embarrassing that this video changed our lives! It got 60 million views and 10 million likes. That was the biggest video we did and after that everyone was just doing well and then it was like a snowball.

JM: What’s the biggest perk of being a TikToker?

From left to right, Pierre and Nicky on their balcony. (Photo by Perry)

NC: I would say being able to create your own schedule and work by it. The freedom of creating your own world and doing whatever you want, too.

JM: What’s the biggest drawback?

NC: Being so accessible to people that criticize you and be mean.

PB: I would say—especially with an actor—there is a sort of disconnect with their private life because whenever people see them, they see them playing a character. With a TikToker, there is no disconnect on that side so your private life is your career, your content, and everything.

JM: What would you be doing if you were not a TikToker?

NC: Well we met pursuing acting—at an audition—so I think if TikTok never came around I would still be auditioning and doing that.

PB: I would be some sort of researcher for animals, maybe insects. Also, maybe I’d be an engineer, I like learning about how things work.

JM: Well that wraps up the interview, thank you so much!

PB and NC: Thanks!

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