Behold Toluca Lake’s Trick or Treating Madness

A slide show of one of the Valley’s most impressive Halloween street party

Sure, you could walk around your own neighborhood, pillowcase in hand asking for candy. But in Los Angeles, trick or treating is a tactical art with parents trucking in kids to certain neighborhoods that are legendary for pulling out all the stops on Halloween.

Toluca Lake is one of them. Hordes of costumed visitors descend on the cul-de-sac formed by Toluca Estates Drive and Valley Spring Lane. The area is closed to cars, a security guard stands watch, and even the streetlights are dimmed—all the better to gaze in awe at elaborate tableaux that riff on everything from Edward Gorey figures to pop culture memes. 

Last year, we sent our photographer into the eye of the storm, and he returned with these images.