Local (Labels) Only

You may not think so little could say so much, but the designer you don to the beach telegraphs who you are

localsonly1Couture Kitten
Sand damages her pedicure and saltwater makes her skin itch, so this doll plays it safe on a yacht in Marina del Rey. It’s easier to get a glass of champagne there, anyway. Ann Taylor “Large Micro Stone Stretch” metal and glass bracelet, $88, and “Large Pavé Pyramid Stretch” metal and glass bracelet, $68. Vix “Mia” polyamide elastane top, $70, and bottom, $72.Victoria Beckham Eyewear “Large V” sunglasses, $449.


localsonly2Vintage Vamp
This comely creature heads to Venice Beach in her ’62 Falcon with a transistor radio and chicken salad sandwiches packed in a straw basket. It also holds an Esther Williams-inspired swim cap to keep her retro do intact. reVamp “Sadie” cotton bikini, $150. David Yurman “Albion” onyx and silver ring, $825. Cynthia Rowley “Round Studded” sunglasses, $150.

localsonly3Surfer Chick
For this athlete, the only joy greater than catching a clean wave at Surfrider Beach in Malibu is cutting off out-of-towners. She rides with the boys but femmes up her look with bling and a slinky bikini. David Yurman “Spiritual Bead” necklaces, $425 and $550, and “Chevron” diamond and silver dog tag, $6, 965. Metalskin “Abu” suede bracelet, $89, and “Latte Matte Perforated” leather bracelet, $48. Juicy Couture “Pixie” bra, $72.



Photographs by Gregg Segal