A Beach Life: Sleeping at the Shore

WHO: Paula Poll, 66, and Edward Poll, 69 WHAT: Airstream enthusiasts WHERE: Thornhill Broome Beach

Photograph by Gregg Segal

The Polls remember best the year they hosted a Passover seder in the moonlight. They parked the Airstream at Dockweiler Beach and set up a folding table large enough to accommodate their four kids and eleven grandchildren (that’s four of them below). The only downside? “We had to stop every time an airplane took off,” says Edward. Then there was the time the couple drove to Malibu Beach and were swarmed by admirers. “People stopped and took pictures!” says Edward. “We were like rock stars.” Of the pair, who live on the Venice canals, Paula was the first to covet Airstreams—she’d always loved their history and how they gleamed in the sun. Edward was slower to come onboard. A nonpracticing lawyer who runs his law consulting business with Paula’s help, he wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of sailing into his golden years uncomfortably. Now even Edward admits that the Airstream is cushy: The Polls gutted and refurbished a 28-foot 1968 Ambassador model with environmentally sound interiors of finished maple and aluminum and nonperiod enhancements like a flat-screen television, Wi-Fi, and solar panels. They both brighten when they talk about hitching the Airstream to their truck and setting up “camp” at the beach, flicking on the lights at dusk and watching them glow in the salty night air. For more on Airstreams, go to airstream.com.