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Nuisance Conservative Christian Walker Regrets Ditching ‘Woke’ L.A.

The right-wing internet person and son of NFL U.S. Senate hopeful Hershel Walker sobbed that he regrets leaving L.A. for Fla

Amazon Billionaire MacKenzie Scott Divorces High School Teacher Hubby

The couple vowed to give away her vast e-commerce fortune together, but it looks like Scott will be doling it out on her own

MAGA Trio Causes a Stink at Caruso Campaign Soirée

The former Republican and recently-turned-Democrat candidate cuts ties with prominent anti-vaxxers working to promote his campaign

Authorities Search for Suspects in Oakland School Mass Shooting

Two of six adult victims are being treated for life threatening injuries as cops say there could be multiple suspects
customers with surprise bag

Too Good To Go Brings Its Food Waste Solution to L.A.

The idea is simple, benefiting both the retailer and the consumer: Unsold product is offered at a reduced price to consumers through an app

Woman Charged with Murder for Running Over Man in Cat Rage Incident

The D.A. says the 20-year-old thought the victim tried to run over a cat, so she allegedly mowed him down in her own car
california gas prices filling car up with gas

Daily Brief: Steep 15 Cent Gas Jump in L.A.; Rapper Coolio Dies At 59

Also, Seth and Lauren Miller Rogen are celebrating 10 years of their Alzheimers fighting charity with a star-studded birthday bash in L.A.

Lizzo and James Madison’s Crystal Flute Are a Patriotic Sensation

The Library of Congress asked the accomplished floutist to sample its historical woodwind wares and Lizzo sensationally obliged

Cops Say Girl Killed in Amber Alert Murder-Kidnap Shootout Fired at Them

Police claim a teen they believed had been abducted by her father after he killed her mother was shooting at them when they fatally shot her

The Waterfront Gives Venice a Spot Where Everyone’s Comfortable

The food at this hyped new restaurant is surprisingly good for a casual beach front restaurant