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LAPD Has Already Opened Fire More in 2021 Than All of Last Year

Los Angeles Police Department officers opened fire more times in 2021 than in the previous two years, ending a long downward trend in police shootings for the city. A review of LAPD stats by the...

6 Newest Netflix-Chappelle Developments: Streaming Giant Fires Staffer Over Leaked Info, CEO’s Memo

Here’s what you need to know about the controversy surrounding Chapelle’s latest Netflix special ”The Closer"

COVID Shock Study: Survivors At Risk for Heart Failure, Blood Clots

"Governments and health systems must wake up to the reality that Covid will cast a tall shadow in the form of long Covid," Ziyad Al-Aly says

Pumpkins In The Pines, LATINAfest and 23 More Best Things to Do in L.A....

The Black Market Flea, a horror film festival, and more

L.A. and San Diego School Districts Are Being Sued for Their Vaccine Mandates

The Los Angeles and San Diego school districts, the largest in California, are being sued over requirements that students be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend class in person. As the Los Angeles Times...

Daily Brief: Former President Bill Clinton Hospitalized in California

Also, Robert Durst was sentenced to life in prison without parole in a Los Angeles courtroom Thursday, and more

Cher Files $1 Million Lawsuit Against Sonny Bono’s Widow

Cher filed suit in Los Angeles Wednesday against Sonny Bono’s widow, Mary Bono, claiming the former Riverside County congresswoman is illegally holding onto money from a royalty-sharing agreement for songs they recorded in the...
succession season 3

What to Stream This Weekend: ‘Succession’ Season 3, and More

A roundup of the best movies and shows available right in your living room

Where Los Angeles’ Political Candidates Get ‘Free Money’

The city's matching funds program is meant to level the playing field for less-affluent candidates who want to run in city elections—and to give small donations more power
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L.A. Has a ‘Canopy Equity’ Problem. A New Program Is Setting Out to Fix...

L.A.’s uneven distribution of trees has been a ”chronic issue,” but an army of locals are becoming Tree Ambassadors to help the city's most sun-scorched neighborhoods