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With Six Dead, Cops Say Stockton Serial Killer is ‘On a Mission’

Ballistics show the same gun was used in the murders of 6 men—5 in the last three months—and the wounding of one woman

As Twitter Trial Looms, Elon Musk Offers to Buy at His Original Price

If accepted, the proposal would allow the mercurial Musk to avoid a trial this month which many think he's bound to lose

Jinkies! Scooby-Doo Sleuth Velma Dinkley is Officially Gay

Ending decades of speculation, meddling Scooby-Doo-gooder Velma is explicitly a lesbian in the gang's latest cartoon adventure

The New Orange County Museum Building Celebrates its Official Opening

Relocated from Newport Beach, the new digs feature exhibition and educational spaces, a theater, a special event terrace and a cafe

An (Unabridged) Q&A with Chefs Nancy Silverton and Carolynn Carreño

The two have a fascinating relationship, which came through in our conversation about this year’s Valle Food and Wine Festival

The Number of Homeless People Freezing to Death in L.A. Is on the Rise

Despite a three year draught and record-breaking heat waves, unhoused individuals in L.A. are freezing to death at alarmingly increasing rates

Kanye’s ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt Brings Obligatory Backlash

West and friends—including right wing featured player Candace Owens—posed in the attention-grabbing garb at the Yeezy fashion show in Paris

Parched California Just Set the Record for 3 Driest Years Ever Recorded

Experts predict that previously once in a lifetime drought conditions will become the new reality to which we must adapt

Ex-FBI Agent Found Guilty of Selling U.S. Intelligence to Armenian Mob

Former FBI HUMINT Agent Babak Broumand was taken into custody in Little Tokyo on Tuesday morning