Solstice Canyon

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Easy, 2.9-mile loop, 400-foot elevation gain

The loop hike up Solstice Canyon to the ruins of Tropical Terrace, the 1952 Malibu home Paul Williams designed for grocer Fred Roberts, reveals the challenges of living in paradise. The Rising Sun Trail (named for the winery of Matthew Keller, who owned Malibu until 1881) climbs the canyon’s eastern slope. Down below, wild parrots call from the streamside forest of oaks, sycamores, and alders before the trail drops through switchbacks toward Tropical Terrace. Until it was destroyed by fire in 1982, the house was situated in a grotto-like setting of waterfalls and stone walkways. Today it looks like some ancient structure being overtaken by jungle, with giant cycads and a nearly headless statue in the hidden replica of the Shrine of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes. Walking back along Solstice Canyon Trail, you’ll see the stone walls of a 1903 cabin built by Keller’s son near the creek and gutted by 2007’s Corral Fire—one of a dozen blazes here since the 1930s. View map.