Nooo! Fryman Canyon Hiking Trail Is Closing Down Until January.

The Great Runyon Closing of 2016 gets a sequel

Remember how Runyon Canyon closed for several months last year so that improvements could be made and life was terrible for us all? Now it’s Fryman Canyon’s turn.

The popular three-mile hiking loop in Studio City will be closed from Tuesday, September 5, through Friday, January 5, 2018. During that time the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority will be renovating the area known as Wilacre Park. In addition to regrading and restoring the trails, MRCA will be doing some important work like making the parking lot ADA-compliant and wheelchair accessible, improving access to picnic tables at the trailhead, and adding permanent restroom facilities (OK, that alone might be worth closing it for four months).

“We recognize and understand that the temporary closure will cause some disruption, and are actively working to reduce any inconvenience while providing park users with alternative options for outdoor experiences during the closure period,” Ana Straabe, Chief of Park Development, said in a statement.

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While Wilacre Park is closed, nearby trails in Coldwater Canyon and Fryman Canyon Park will remain open. The alternative hikes suggested on the park’s website include Runyon Canyon, Franklin Canyon, and Griffith Park—but you’ll find plenty of other great options on our list of essential L.A. hiking trails.

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