Psst: 5 Off-Menu Dishes to Order Now


These days a restaurant’s honest-to-goodness regulars can be hard to distinguish from its Twitter followers, but it’s safe to say that if you’ve heard of the staff-only [1] Oaxaca sandwich at Tender Greens, you’re on the inside track. Restaurants don’t mention certain dishes on their menus for all sorts of reasons: as a special treat for loyal diners, mystique, ego. We’ve got to admit we like the look our friends give us when we ask for the [2] homemade blood cake on brioche at Waterloo & City. Never had the [3] lobster mashed potatoes or wedge salad at BLT Steak? Well, now you can. If it’s before 10 a.m. on a weekend, you can make like James Bond and order the top-secret [4] Italian Breakfast at Dominick’s, which features two eggs, wild boar bacon, polenta, mushrooms, and grilled bread. You might get the stink eye asking for a hamburger at any other Thai restaurant. At Jitlada, it gets you the superspicy [5] Jazz Burger wrapped in lettuce. Shhh. ­

off-the-menu-01[1] The Mexican torta comes with chipotle chicken, avocado, queso fresco, and Cholula hot sauce. Olé!

off-the-menu-02[2] For the British classic, chef Brendan Collins tops the mix of pig’s blood, caramelized apples, and onions with a fried egg.

off-the-menu-03[3] Ol’ faithful: A hunk of iceberg with Roquefort, bacon, croutons, and halved cherry tomatoes.

off-the-menu-04[4] Chef Brandon Boudet grills the gamier wild boar bacon over a wood fire for this dish.

off-the-menu-05[5] Jitlada’s owner, Jazz Singsanong, only whips up this beef patty with advance notice.