Sullivan Canyon

Best Tree Climbing, August 2008
The thick limbs of western sycamores can grow low enough to the ground that it doesn’t take Tarzan skills to hop on and shimmy along. A noble grove can be found at Brentwood’s  Sullivan Canyon  in the not-so-glamorous-sounding L.A. County Public Works drainage basin. The ordinariness is in name only; it’s a spectacular stand of old-growth sycamores, whose bark sloughs off as the trees grow, leaving a smooth surface with just enough bits to provide climbing handholds. About a mile and a half up the trail, which is popular among mountain bikers, there’s even a fallen oak broad enough for a dog to cha-cha across. » Take Mandeville Canyon Rd. to Westridge St. to Bayliss Rd. to Queensferry Rd., where a wooden gate marks the spot.