SpeedZone LA

Best Go-Kart Track, August 2009

The roar at the SpeedZone LA go-kart track in the City of Industry comes from 300-horsepower V-8 engines. No, they’re not on the go-karts; they’re on 18-foot dragsters that can hit 70 mph in 3.5 seconds—the track record. Anyone four feet eight or taller can drive one, racing the clock, a buddy, or a girlfriend. Steel rails keep the dragsters rolling straight with all wheels on the ground. Automatic brakes kick in if your youngster is too stunned to stop. The SpeedZone has a full complement of go-karts and three tracks, including a slick track and a Grand Prix raceway. In between races there are plenty of diversions: a miniature golf course, a video game arcade, a gift shop, a café, and a bar.