Roger Nolan at the Yoga House

Best Beginner Meditation Class, August 2010

Meditation may involve clearing your mind, but it requires the opposite to find the right beginner’s class. We sat in on a religion-infused session involving prayer at a Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Feliz and a relatively chatty kundalini practice at the Blessings Center in Miracle Mile. Plenty of yoga studios offer meditation, too, but Roger Nolan at the Yoga House won us over. His experience as an actor has given him a resonant voice that elevates Yoga House’s studio into a temple, while his current work as a psychotherapist makes the studio a safe space to ask questions like “Is it okay to scratch an itch?” His 45-minute meditation class moves in a rhythmic balance of silent pauses and spoken guidance. Before we knew it, we were meditating for the first time.