Piru Creek

Best Place to Go Fishing
Of the countless myths that have defined Los Angeles, the most persistently misguided one is that the city is too congested, too paved, to allow the natural world much chance of survival. Our principal artery of water may be a concrete trench, but just an hour north up the Golden State Freeway runs a trout stream as wild and pristine as any that Hollywood could conjure. Our mention of Piru Creek is made in the hope that with awareness comes conservation, that its 14-mile course, through canyons and cottonwoods, from Pyramid Lake to Lake Piru, will be cherished as the rarest of urban treasures. A segment near Frenchman’s Flat is designated catch-and-release only, and the omnibus lands bill passed by Congress this spring will afford the fishery even greater protection, but it remains fragile. » Los Padres National Forest.