MnR Dance Factory

Best Dance Lessons, September 2006

In a studio at MnR Dance Factory, an instructor is helping eight-year-olds with their hip-hop moves for an upcoming recital. “Some of the girls have been dancing together since they were three,” says a proud grandma who’s watching from the side. In an adjacent studio, girls of various ages stand in a row, swaying gracefully in ballet class. Choreographer Roni Blak started MnR 13 years ago with her friend Molly Lorenz, and the bustling multilevel facility (dance outfits are sold upstairs) inhabits a columned building on San Vicente. Most of the instructors are alumni. MnR has more than its share of celebrity endorsements (Rachel Hunter, Jamie Lee Curtis), but what hooked us is how good the instructors are at inspiring all the children on the floor, creating an atmosphere in which the little pupils encourage one another.