John Edmond Jr.

Best Golf Instructor, September 2006

How good is John Edmond Jr.? A number of his students are members of elite clubs like Hillcrest, El Caballero, and the L.A. Country Club and have the time and money to go to anyone for a tune-up. But they choose Edmond, who has been teaching at Rancho Park for three decades. We like his less-is-more approach. He doesn’t overwhelm with tips and tricks; instead he quietly assesses your swing, and with a few sage words in that cool voice or a minor adjustment to your top or finish, gets you, or at least your game, back on track. He’s good with beginners, too. We appreciate his respect for the game. You won’t catch him in a T-shirt or shorts; he’s usually in shirt and jacket, slacks and dress shoes. Now if only we could consistently channel his magic on the course.