Go Kart World

Best Go-Karting, August 2015

The kids will gladly forgo their Grand Theft Auto and Mario Kart when they see the six outdoor tracks at Go Kart World. For less than the cost of a tank of gas ($30 per person if you buy online), drivers enjoy unlimited rides for two hours. Give drifting a try on the Slick Track, or if the need is for speed, head to the Super Track, where cars go up to 45 mph. Lines can be long on weekends, but the pros outweigh the cons. With the wind in your hair, the experience recalls what driving was like before you became a commuter: exhilarating.

Best Go-Kart Track, August 2004

At Carson’s Go Kart World , driving for fun is not an L.A. oxymoron. Built in the shadow of the 405 freeway, the mini speed zone boasts six tracks of varying shape, size, and intensity, providing the most callow youths a chance to exercise their inner driving demons (cell phone not included). You have to be at least 32 in. tall to ride the electric buggies, but even grown-ups zip around in the gas-fueled carts. Our favorite? The Super Track, which sports polished, double-decker lanes that send the abbreviated “NASCAR” carts sliding around the banked turns. Topping out at 28 mph, it may be the fastest we’ll ever go along this stretch of the freeway.