Burn 60

Best New Celebrity Fitness Class, August 2010

When celebrity trainers Valerie Waters (Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel) and Teddy Bass (Alicia Keys, Lucy Liu) think their clients could use some extra cardio, they send them to Burn 60, the newest fitness studio on Brentwood’s “sweat alley.” Each drench session combines 30 minutes of treadmill intervals with a half hour of strength training. The sprints are brief (90 seconds) and the props plentiful (brightly colored free weights, body bars, and resistance bands), which keeps boredom and despair at bay. Classes are designed for a mix of fitness levels, with the instructors barking out speeds for walkers (“4.8!”), joggers (“7.4!”), and runners (“9.2!”). When the final buzzer sounds—a countdown timer hangs on the wall—slowpokes and speedsters alike join in a group whoop. You might spot a star—including a recent blond Oscar winner—so the splashy red bathroom is thoughtfully stocked with breath mints and toothpaste for post-workout air kisses.