Anti-Gravity Yoga Wings

Best Weird Workout, September 2009

After adjusting the silk hammocks that hang from the ceiling to the heights of her dozen or so waiting students, Saharah Ali issues a final warning before beginning each Anti-Gravity Yoga Wings class in West Hollywood: “If you’re on a mind-altering substance, now is the time to leave.” The twice-weekly Crunch class is trippy enough on its own. For 60 minutes participants wrap billowy fabric around arms, legs, waist, and torso to perform aerial versions of traditional yoga poses. Much of the time is spent upside down. The pace is quick, the inversions are exhilarating, and Ali is occasionally stern: “I see we have some scaredy-cats in the class today,” she may say when someone balks at going into full trapeze mode. The class is a no-nonsense way to engage your core, get your heart pumping, and move deeply into postures without putting pressure on your joints.