Underwood Family Farms

Best U-Pick Produce, August 2013

Kids growing up in the city might think that strawberries are born in green baskets and oranges sprout in plastic bags. To them, seeing food in its natural habitat at Underwood Family Farms seems like a trip to an amusement park. Part of the place is an amusement park: Little ones squeal on the cow-themed train and crowd around vending machines filled with pellets for the petting zoo. The 100-acre ranch grows more than 70 crops (where else can you pick fresh verdolaga or kohlrabi?) on a year-round schedule. The profound satisfaction of pulling an iridescent red beet from the ground is not to be under-estimated.

Best Farm Visit, August 2008

Urban kids can wander around vegetable patches at Underwood Family Farms. During the fall harvest festival, they can ride a buckboard pulled by a 1950 John Deere tractor, cozy up to Harriet the Pig and Honcho the Miniature Horse, wend their way through a maze of tall corn, dance to a bluegrass combo, and best of all, charge up and down the gently rolling hills without their toes ever touching asphalt. Produce-picking events run year-round, and there are animal tours and the de rigueur birthday party packages.