Trashy Lingerie

Best Lingerie Stores, August 2007
For sheer variety, Trashy Lingerie trumps Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret. It’s a single-location store that sells only the house brand, but the number of styles is dizzying, and if you want your bra or merry widow with a different cup size, the solicitous staff  can order it for pickup the following week. There’s a $2 “annual membership” fee required to enter the store and no prices on anything—annoyances made up for by the unparalleled range on the overstuffed racks, much of it better quality than you’d expect from a place that keeps open bags of used underwear protectors in the dressing rooms. This is the place to go for a naughty nurse dress ($30), a plus-size fishnet body stocking ($8), or a white camisole bra in sturdy stretch lace with powder blue bows ($90).