Trashy Lingerie

Best Hosiery, July 2006

For variety, Trashy Lingerie has a leg up on the competition. The offerings at downtown’s Hollywood Hosiery and Melrose Avenue’s Agent Provocateur can be tempting, but only Trashy’s mind-boggling array of hosiery makes one wish Los Angeles weren’t a bare-legged town. Want stockings? It’s got more than 100 kinds. Fishnets? Almost an entire room is dedicated to them. Vintage 1940s Christian Dior nylons in beautiful old boxes are nestled alongside $10 striped neon thigh-highs, and custom-dyed stockings with hand-glued Swarovski crystals are made on-site for $100. Way back when, owners Mitchell and Tracy Shrier ran a shoe store until requests for custom-dyed hosiery outpaced shoe sales in 1974, at which point they became Trashy. The sassy and attentive sales staff won’t rest until you look dressed.