The Curious Palate

Best Locally Made Peanut Butter, August 2011

Who doesn’t have fond flashbacks of eating a PB&J on the schoolyard bench? More candy than sandwich spread, the peanut butter (with honey and sea salt) from Brentwood’s Compartes Chocolatier has flair, and if there were a prize for “classic and creamy,” it would go to the venerable Magee’s House of Nuts, at the Farmers Market since 1934. The versatility of the crunchy mix from The Curious Palate, the eco-conscious market and kitchen founded by Elliot Rubin and Mark Cannon, is what earned this butter the title of champ. Roasted peanuts, wildflower honey, peanut oil, and salt create the right blend of sweet and savory for apple and celery dipping or pairing with their house-made jam on whole wheat.